Digital Panel Meters

Corrosion Electronics Digital Panel Meters are capable of displaying DC output volts, DC output amps, or structure to reference volts DC. Each digital meter can be powered from an AC or DC voltage supply and features full isolation between the DC supply and the meter signal input pins.

The digital panel meters offered can be seperated into 2 main categories, voltmeters and ammeters. Voltmeters are available in 3 ranges, these are: ±1.999V , ±19.99V and ±199.9V. Ammeters have an input range of 0-200mV and are intended to be driven off an external shunt.

All meters posess a 25 turn trimpot which is used for calibration purposes.


Dimensions: 92W x 81H x 37D
Cutout Dimensions: 73W x 74H
Supply Voltage (DC): 24 VDC nom.
Supply Voltage (AC): 12 VAC
Current consumption @ 24 VDC Input: 20 mADC max.
Input Impedance (2V Range): > 1 GΩ
Input Impedance (20V Range): 100 kΩ
Input Impedance (200V Range): 100 kΩ
Input Impedance (Ammeter): > 1 GΩ
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to +70 degrees celsius
Power / Input Isolation: 2kV rms or greater
Connections: 2 way (Signal Input) / 4 way (Power - AC,DC)
Accuracy (Voltmeter): 0.1 % or better
Accuracy (Ammeter): 0.5 % or better